New food delivery company comes to Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-A new food delivery service has come to Bowling Green. It’s a rapid growing industry in the city. Uber Eats, Grub Hub and Waitr already currently offer food delivery services in the area. Now is added to that list.

The company says that what sets them apart from other companies, is their focus on local.  They plan on partnering with popular local restaurants and have hired local management staff.

So far China Express Restaurant, Puerto Vallarta Mexican Restaurant on Campbell Lane and Indian Oven are currently available on the company’s website.

The launch of here in Bowling Green…comes on the heels of a salacious report released last week criticizing the food delivery industry.

The survey conducted by US Foods finds that 1 in 4 food delivery drives are eating your food. The Bowling Green food delivery manager for said they plan to tackle the issue.

“We’re local, we have a local manager. It’s very important to us for you to be satisfied, so that we can get a reorder. The fact that we train our drivers, that we work with them on how important it is. We use the golden rule, and that is to treat the food as if we were receiving it,” said Rick Dye, local market manager at

Along with food, alcoholic beverages, groceries and laundry are also available for delivery. Visit to learn more.