New delivery program for addiction treatment medication

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- September is National Recovery Month and a Kentucky doctor is bringing a new addiction treatment program to the area.

Kentucky addiction recovery physician Dr. William Fannin is bringing addiction medicine directly to patients wherever they are in the state. 

The once-monthly medication, Vivitrol helps block the effects and cravings of drugs and is the only FDA-approved medication for prevention of relapse for opioid dependence. 

Fannin said this cause is especially important to him as he lost a son due to an unintentional overdose. He says this medicine will help people gain control of their lives. 

“I’m all the time saying that the medication buys time for recovery and that’s true, the medication isn’t the cure, it’s the treatment, but they’re not the cure. You have to give people an opportunity to stay sober and to start changing their lifestyle so they can rebuild their lives and gain back some of those things that they lost,” said Fannin.  

The program hopes to eliminate barriers and help those who want to seek treatment.