New coronavirus complication appears in children in Kentucky

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Recently, doctors have been seeing a new kind of complication from the COVID-19 virus in children. And some of those cases have been right here, in Kentucky.

Symptoms of Kawasaki-like syndrome include fever, a rash and swelling. Doctors believe it happens as a result of the body’s immune system trying to fight off the coronavirus.

Until recently, it appeared children were somewhat protected from COVID-19. Still, most cases of Kawasaki-like syndrome occur in children who have other, chronic illnesses.

Doctor Suman Shekar, a pediatrician with Med Center Health, says mild cases of COVID-19 are treated simply by treating the symtpoms but doctors step-up care for children who develop Kawasaki-like syndrome, admitting those patients to intensive care units.

Although there have been increasing cases of COIVD-19 in children in Kentucky, so far only two cases of Kawasaki-like syndrome have been reported in the state, according to Dr. Shekar.