Neighboring states reopening and an unconstitutional travel ban create concerns for local officials

FRANKLIN, Ky. – A federal judge has ruled Governor Andy Beshear’s ban on interstate travel unconstitutional.

Simpson County Judge-Executive Mason Barnes says while he believes residents of his county didn’t do much traveling across the state line early on. He expects Simpson countians to travel into Tennessee as their shops and restaurants reopen.

Up to now, Barnes also believes the number of confirmed Simpson County COVID-19 cases are relatively low compared to surrounding areas but the prospect of increased interstate travel has Barnes concerned from more than just a health standpoint. He says he is also concerned local businesses will suffer if they are not allowed to reopen while those local dollars are spent across the state line.

The travel ban, which is still in place, is by executive order. Since not all state governments have mandated the same business closings as Kentucky, Governor Beshear has been advising residents to avoid traveling to other states to reduce the risk of being exposed to the coronavirus.