Need for volunteers at Red Cross after natural disasters

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- There is a high need for volunteers at the Red Cross of South Central Kentucky in Bowling Green. 

The surge in demand was brought on by the natural disasters of hurricanes, flooding and the fires on the west coast. 

Some of the things volunteers can do include sheltering, helping locally and virtually doing casework. Volunteers can even be deployed to the site of a natural disaster in person to help hands-on. 

Jennifer Capp, executive director of of American Red Cross of South Central Kentucky, said the people who benefit from their efforts can’t thank them enough. 

“They’re so grateful. So many of them have been out of their homes for weeks at this point. You know and they don’t know what’s left, they’re without power, they’re without homes. So our folks are able to just listen, provide that support and provide those warm meals, comfort. I mean imagine you lost everything, where would you turn?” said Capp. 

If people are unable to volunteer they can also donate online at