National laptop shortage affects locals

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- With schools offering virtual options and many working from home, the entire country is facing a laptop shortage amidst the pandemic. 

In Bowling Green, laptop stores have seen a demand for these devices. 

The shortage started when the stay at home order was put into place back in spring. Now there are less laptops for sale, especially refurbished or cheaper options. 

“We see laptops, if they are in a cheaper price range, tend to go immediately. We don’t get to hang on to them very long. the only ones that tend to stick around tend to be the more expensive ones,” said Chris Long, owner of Tech Connections in Bowling Green. 

CPR Cell Phone Repair owner Charlie Hildreth told me he has seen an increase in people needing their devices repaired. 

“Repairs have gone way up. Because people have been home and haven’t been using that tablet…and now they need it and they’re bringing it in for us to fix up, clean up,” said Hildreth. 

And now that kids are beginning to return to school this fall, with some virtually, more children need a device to be able to do online learning. 

The most popular device for them is Chromebooks. 

“And Chromebooks are very popular and supply is just supply and demand. and the supply doesn’t meet the demand right now,” said Hildreth. 

“We’ve had many parents come in asking for Chromebooks, it’s been the biggest thing. There’s been a few asking for standard laptops still, but Chromebooks seem to be the major one,” said Long. 

This laptop shortage may be a long-term problem.