National Fire Prevention Week brings awareness to kitchen fires

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- This week is the 95th annual National Fire Prevention Week. Local fire departments are encouraging awareness of how to keep people safe and avoid fires. 

This year’s theme is fire safety in the kitchen. As we are approaching the holiday season people are doing more cooking and usually have a lot of things going on at once in their kitchens.

Some ways to stay safe include setting a kitchen timer, having someone in the kitchen with you, and keeping small kids away. Woodburn Volunteer Fire Department Chief Bob Skipper said this week is important to him.

“If there is a way to prevent a fire from happening, that is the best outcome for everyone. We’re set up to respond to an emergency and take care of it but by the time we’re called, the damage is already started. And if we can do a little bit of prevention ahead of time through activities like Fire Prevention Week, that’s the best outcome for everybody,” said Skipper. 

Skipper also said it’s important to keep a working smoke detector in your home and to test it regularly.