National Corvette Museum and Feed America First partner to feed local families

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Saturday, the National Corvette Museum and Feed America First partnered together to distribute food to local families.

Feed America First is a non-profit organization out of Tennessee that is working to help fight hunger in America.

After the tornadoes hit Bowling Green, the two organizations decided to work together to help provide nourishment to locals in need.

Food items included non-perishable items, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables.

National Corvette Museum senior media marketing specialist Mariah Hughes said, “We really wanted to do something to help the community, but we knew we didn’t want to flood the donation market with everything that was happening right after the tornadoes happened. So, we thought that it would be best to wait a few weeks and then come to the community when it was a need once again.”

Executive director of Feed America First Mike Womack added, “I also live in Cookeville. Cookeville, two years ago this coming March, we were hit by a tornado. So, we’ve lived this and we understand that without disaster there’s people that need a hand up and that’s why we here.”

Several semi-trucks drove out enough food to feed 1000 families.