More affordable housing coming to Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-“We have a lot of low income individuals who really want to be home owners but they just can’t afford it,” said Housing Authority’s Finance Director Katie Miller. 

There are not many options for affordable home ownership in Bowling Green, but the Housing Authority is ready to change that. 

The City-County Planning Commission just approved a rezoning for an 80-house development near the Housing Authority on Double Springs Road. Each house will be priced between $160,000 and $180,000. 

“A lot of the houses you see being built are going for $200,000 plus which leaves out a lot of the low to moderate income individuals. Those individuals working full time might only be making $15 an hour. It’s hard for them to afford homes that are in the $200,000 plus price range,” said Miller. 

This plan has been in the works since 2001, but through the ebb and flow of the economy and the housing market over the last twenty years… the time is now right to move forward.

With the grant funds now available, not only does this offer residents a piece of the American dream, it also offers a sense of responsibility. 

“When you give someone home ownership you give the person integrity, it gives ownership of their own so they feel good about that. So home ownership will be good for our community,” said Housing Authority Board Member Carlos Bailey. 

They should have final approval from Fiscal Court in June, and hope to break ground by the end of summer. 

Housing Authority staff hope this is just the start of more affordable housing to come. 

“I’m glad that we’re getting it done and I can’t wait till we build this but this should be the floor, it should not be the ceiling and I know the Housing Authority has more plans to build affordable housing so it’s just the start,” said Bailey.