Mom creates lifesaving Facebook group to locate baby formula

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- “It’s scary. It’s scary not knowing if you’re going to be able to feed your kid,” said local mom Samantha Rasmussen. 

Moms around the country are facing a baby formula shortage. 

It started during the pandemic with supply chain issues and people would bulk buy, leaving the shelves empty. 

The pandemic slowing down should bring good news…but a recent recall of the common baby formula Similac has moms desperate again.

“You feel kind of defeated and you’re not doing your job as a parent because you wanna provide and give your kid everything that they need and even when it’s out of your hands you should do more and you’re failing,” said local mom Corie Tobbit. 

Samantha Rasmussen took matters into her own hands and started a Facebook group to connect mothers facing the same problem. 

“Yesterday alone I had 121 people. When I woke up today, I had 234 people,” said Rasmussen. 

Lots of babies need a specific formula if they have sensitive skin, digestive problems, allergies, or other health concerns. If they’re unable to find that formula, moms wonder where to go next… some even having to switch formulas constantly. 

“Having to change up the formulas, you don’t know how he’s gonna react, he’ll do good on one and then we’ll have to switch him to another one they don’t have ya know what you want, then they might have gassiness, fussiness and you don’t want your baby to have to go through that,” said Tobbit. 

This group is taking off some of the stress by moms donating extra formula or posting a picture of the shelves at grocery stores. 

“So people can see what’s on the shelves before they go there. Because everyone knows how hard it is to unload a kid to go to a store, let alone go to 20 different stores with their kid to find out they don’t have what they need,” said Rasmussen. 

These mother’s babies are six and eight months old. Babies need formula until they are at least one year old. 

These moms are not alone in hoping that the formula shortage ends soon.

“I mean if that’s 234 people locally to this area, what’s it like throughout this entire country?” said Rasmussen. 

Find the Facebook group here.