Mock crash reminds students not to drink and drive

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Drinking and driving is not an accident. It’s a choice. 

“These children need to understand that their choices have long term ramifications,” said Greenwood High School teacher Dr. Deanese Jameson. 

Students at Greenwood High School were reminded of this before prom weekend with a mock crash in their parking lot. 

Students took part in acting for the crash, which felt very realistic. 

“I guess what someone thinks is small could have a much greater impact than you really think it is,” said senior Nathan Quach. 

The drunk driver crashed the car, gets out and sees one friend screaming on the ground. 

Law enforcement arrives on scene and arrests her, while paramedics rush to save the friends, one life flighted. 

Firefighters work on getting the car doors open. 

The third friend has no pulse and is taken by the county coroner. The students watch all of this, quietly taking it all in. 

“It just helps you see it first hand. Like we hear stories but you don’t see it that often. So once you see it, it kinda gives you a different perspective,” said junior Addy Dunn. 

This is all too real for Dr. Jameson who spoke to the students today. She lost her son eight years ago to a drunk driver. 

“I don’t want anyone to go through the pain I go through every day since I lost my son,” said Jameson. 

Jameson hopes this re-enactment prevents anyone from drinking and driving this weekend, and every weekend. 

“If I can say I don’t have to go to a child’ s funeral and I don’t have to look in a parent’s face and say I know what you’re going through, I’m here to talk if you need, to me that’s the biggest win I could get,” said Jameson. 

The mock crash will be enacted again at South Warren High School on Friday morning.