Mitch McConnell visits Logan Memorial Hospital to thank healthcare heroes

RUSSELLVILLE, Ky.- Today U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell visited Logan Memorial Hospital in Russellville. 

He was there to thank healthcare heroes and discuss the impact of the Cares Act. Logan Memorial Hospital received nearly $4.2 million dollars from the Cares Act. 

McConnell said the overall impact of the act on the state of Kentucky is $12 billion, and about $1 billion of that went to hospitals. 

McConnell touched on how this pandemic will not be behind us before we have a vaccine and also showed appreciation for the Logan healthcare workers. 

“The reason these people need to be called heroes is that they didn’t know what they were dealing with either. We all had an unknown on our hands. And as Dr. Sing pointed out, the fact that none of your folks got infected shows how skillfully they were able to deal with this unknown disease,” said McConnell. 

McConnell also said he thinks there needs to be another rescue package, but Congress has not reached an agreement yet and are in a stalemate.