Metcalfe County Schools prepare to safely welcome students with back-to-school bash

EDMONTON Ky.- As students, parents, faculty and staff get ready for a new school year, there’s a lot of buzz in the Metcalfe County School District.  Back-to-school bashes were held to introduce students and parents to the teachers and staff they’ll be joining on their educational journeys, as well as various organizations. Principal Clint Graham says his team has done great to prepare a safe space for students.

“I have to give a huge shoutout to our teachers. They have been preparing for every angle of this school year. We feel like we’re ready no matter what happens through the pandemic as that’s picked up a bit, and our teachers are just awesome warriors for our students,” Graham said.

With a new year comes new students, and the back-to-school bash is a way for fellow students to help make the transition even smoother.

“I’m really looking forward to introducing some new students. I’ve heard we have a lot of move-ins, especially with Covid, people moving into the County and the school system. I’m really excited to introduce them to the school,” said student ambassador Cabot Boling.

While everyone will need to be masked, students and teachers say they’re still thankful to be returning to the 5 days a week learning model.

Even under the masks, I like to be here and see everyone and be friendly with everyone. I’m a very vocal outgoing person with a big personality, so that’s why I’m excited,” said junior Whitley Gibson.

“It’s just a great thing to have. I’m very thankful to see it all come together. In a time where everything is crazy and unexpected, to finally have something in place where we can get in touch with the public, that’s such a wonderful thing. I’m very grateful,” added teacher Robert Bunch.

“I’ll have pencils every day of the week just so I can have them in the classroom and spend time with them. I’ve always said I’m a decent English teacher, but I’m great at building relationships, and you just can’t do that online. I’m looking forward to that,” added teacher Henry Damron.

Students say they’re thankful to be part of the Metcalfe County schools for reasons like this. Setting up the back-to-school bash and providing memorable years of learning.

“Even though it’s such a small community, MCHS does a lot to make us feel welcome. They put on big events, they want us to feel like this is our second home, and they do a very good job of doing that,” Gibson said.

The first day of school for Metcalfe County students is Aug. 30.