Metcalfe County High School updates aerospace lab with new gear

EDMONTON, Ky.-  Students at a local school district are getting the chance to take to the skies, all from inside the walls of a classroom.

Metcalfe County High School has recently received some new gear for the aerospace lab. These new simulation stations give students the chance to get some hands-on work when it comes to flight.

This new layout is also COVID-19 safe, as the simulation stations keep the students more spread out than the original setting, and the machines are sanitized after each use.

Aviation instructor Mark Thomas said he’s so thankful to principal Clint Graham and the entire Metcalfe County district for making this possible.

“I’ve never encountered a school that’s quite like Metcalfe County. I if need anything, all I have to do is ask Mr. Graham and it’s made available for me,” Thomas said.

Most of the bookwork for this course has moved online, so when students do attend in-person instruction, the time is used for hands-on experience.