Med Center Health’s Dental Clinic chosen as finalist in $25,000 grant program

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Med Center Health’s Dental Clinic has been chosen as one of 200 finalists for the $25,000 State Farm Neighborhood Assist grant program. 

There were nearly 1,500 applicants for the grant and they will ultimately choose 40 organizations that have had a positive impact on the community. 

The Dental Clinic is a low cost alternative for those in need of basic dental care. If they receive the grant, they will use the $25,000 to extend services into the community with mobile screening events. Kentucky requires children to have a dental screening before enrolling in school so this would allow families to have more access to them.

“I believe our clinic was in the top 200 because we have a great cause. And there’s definitely a high level of need here in South Central Kentucky, especially within the pediatric population. You know we’re trying to meet patients where they are and help give them an easier out to a dental home, provide them with more dental education and in the end improve their dental health,” said The Dental Clinic’s Dr. Phillips.  

The public can vote for their finalist 10 times each day until October 2nd here