Med Center Health warns of RSV hospitalization spike to come soon

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Med Center Health is warning that there might be a high number of hospitalizations due to RSV in the coming weeks. 

Dr. Suman Shekar, who works in internal medicine and pediatrics, says that hospitals in Louisville and Lexington are completely full that they’ve had to turn people away…they can’t accommodate all patients. Many kids are on ventilators or in the ICU. 

Right now, Med Center Health currently has less than five RSV patients hospitalized. 

But due to the nature of the virus, they are preparing their staff and hospital beds for potential RSV patients. 

“Just like any other virus, this is a virus which will spread and it’s a respiratory virus so it will come by in a couple of weeks,” said Dr. Shekar. 

Dr. Shekar says to wash your hands, stay home when you’re sick, and stay safe during the holidays to try to prevent the spread.