Med Center Health vaccinates 500 healthcare workers daily

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Med Center Health is giving about 500 vaccinations out daily to healthcare workers in the community, with some already receiving their second dose. 

Med Center Health partnered with the Kentucky Department of Health to be the COVID-19 vaccine administration site for anyone in the healthcare field. Any healthcare worker can register by providing information about their employment and making an appointment online. 

 There have been concerns about a slower rollout of the vaccine than predicted, but Melinda Joyce, vice president of Corporate Support at Med Center Health says there are two reasons behind it. First, the holiday season affected  shipment times, and the logistics behind getting people scheduled. 

“We are getting mainly just the Pfizer vaccine and we have gotten five different shipments. And in those shipments there are 195 vials. And so that equals about 1,100 doses. So when you multiply that by five, that’s a lot of doses. We have given well over 3,000 of those doses, and that’s not counting the remainder of things we have scheduled for this week and next week,” said Joyce. 

They began this process on Monday and healthcare workers can make an appointment by emailing