Med Center Health Adult Day Center rolls up their sleeves to garden

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-The Med Center Health Adult Day Center clients are rolling up their sleeves and digging into the dirt. 

“It makes them happy. Even to come here is a big part of their day,” said Recreational Therapist Allison Cash. 

Thanks to a grant from the Barren River Health Department through the Bright Coalition, they’re able to plant ‘raised gardens’. 

“Gardening is definitely a sensory activity,” said Cash. 

Most of the clients at the Adult Day Center have a disability. 

“We are the highlight of their day and doing activities helps them socially, mentally, and physically to come out of their shells,” said Cash. 

“We play some games, we take some trips,” said participant Michael. 

“I play racquetball,” said client David. 

They try to make activities fun for the clients…you might notice something a little strange… they’re planting seeds in ice cream cones!

“Not all ice cream cones are for eating,” laughed Cash. 

The ice cream cones will decompose easier into the ground. 

The Adult Day Center participants will have responsibility…making sure to water and raise their plant…

“They feel like they succeed whenever they see something like that,” said Cash. 

In 60 to 90 days they will have fresh vegetables! Which will then be used in another activity, teaching them how to cook. 

“There’s thyme, there’s spinach, there’s herbs, so lots of different things to pick from and then cook with,” said Cash.