McConnell visits Scottsville, talks about economy, dodges question about Cheney support

SCOTTSVILLE, Ky. – Senator Mitch McConnell visited Scottsville this afternoon and spoke to officials about current issues the city and much of the nation are facing.

McConnell said during the press conference the city outlined two major issues, inflation and a shortage of workers.

McConnell attributed the inflation to the amount of money that has been dumped into the economy following the relief bills passed federally recently.

The senator also said Kentuckians are having trouble getting lower paid workers back to work because unemployment checks equal a larger sum of money than many workers could make at their jobs previously.

McConnell was also asked to comment on an issue going on in Washington with the Republican party.

When asked about his thoughts on former President Donald Trump calling him, U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney and former Vice President Mike Pence out for the election and calling McConnell “gutless” as well as a “yes” or “no” questions on whether or not he supports the Wyoming Republican’s continued leadership.

The senator skirted the “yes” or “no” question.

“What I’m focusing on is this new administration I’m looking forward not backward and unifying my troops in the Senate around reacting to where we are today and going forward,” said McConnell.

He also said he wanted to stop some parts of President Joe Biden’s agenda.

“I’m anxious to stop the Biden agenda depending on what it is. At the risk of repeating myself If we want to talk infrastructure, we are very interested in talking about infrastructure that amounts to about $600 billion not $4.1 trillion. My hope is if the president is unable to convince the narrow Democratic majority in the house and the 50 50 senate to pass the 4.1 trillion bill we can sit down and have a serious conversation.

“Ten of my members have been down to the president. They’ve laid out a bill that they believe at least 10 Democrats would also support to deal with a real infrastructure package without reopening the 2017 tax bill.  I want to do business with the president, but he needs to be a moderate. He said he was going to be a moderate during the campaign. I haven’t seen that yet. I like him personally. He’s just not done anything yet that could be characterized as moderate,” said McConnell.

He also commented saying he is friendly with Biden, and he hopes to see Biden become more moderate.