McConnell and McGrath prepare to debate tonight for the first time

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Kentucky voters will get to see Republican Mitch McConnell and Democrat Amy McGrath meet Monday night for their first and possibly only debate. 

The debate is taking place after months of big-spending campaigns and attack ads from both sides. 

McGrath has had record-breaking fundraising, but McConnell has consistently led in polling. If re-elected, this would be his seventh term. 

“Do we wanna keep on doing the same thing? Or do we want to take a different style of leadership, a different approach to leadership for the state of Kentucky. Mitch has been there for 36 years and when I think of Mitch I no longer listen to what people say but I just watch what they do because behavior doesn’t lie,” said Warren County Democrats Chair Phil Eason. 

“His attributes, no one else has them. His experience, one of the things his opponent tries to use against him is the number of years he has been in office. But the truth to the matter is his experience benefits Kentucky terrifically,” said Republican and Warren County Judge-Executive Mike Buchanon. 

And they both said why people should tune in Monday night. 

“Just to get more information to actually hear from the candidates who they are. More about that who, not necessarily what they say, but who they are and maybe a little understanding of their background, things they’ve done and things they haven’t done,” said Eason. 

“I think it’s important that they actually listen when you have people face to face and they can demonstrate what their positions are and how they feel about the issues that are important to you,” said Buchanon. 

WNKY News reached out to McConnell and McGrath’s campaign teams for comment. McConnell’s team said their focuses are on McGrath endorsing Biden and Harris, the coal communities, and her pro-abortion stance. McGrath’s campaign said their focus is ensuring access to affordable healthcare, her plan to rebuild Kentucky, and ‘holding McConnell accountable for failed leadership.’