May is National Stroke Awareness Month

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – You notice you’re having trouble talking or moving one side of your body. What you do next could change your life. May is National Stroke Awareness Month according to the American Stroke Association, a time to build awareness of the incidence of stroke.

Symptoms like those could mean you’re experiencing a stroke…a life-threatening condition where the brain bleeds or circulation is blocked.  And the prevalence of strokes may surprise you. According to Charlotte O’Neal, the Stroke and Sepsis Nurse at TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital, someone in the United States experiences a stroke every 45 seconds.

And the difficulty speaking or moving and arm or leg? According to Charlotte O’Neal, the Stroke and Sepsis Coordinator at Tristar Greenview Regional Hospital, there are often tell-tale signs that a stroke is happening.
She uses the acronym BE FAST as a way to remember the symptoms of strokes:
B-Balance, meaning if you’re having trouble keeping your balance, that could be a sign of a stroke
E-Eyes…trouble seeing or blurred vision
F-Face, if you notice your face is tingling or if one side is drooping
A-Arm (or leg)… weakness of the arms or legs, especially on only one side
S-Speech-slurred speech or trouble finding your words
T-Time…time is crucial, getting to an emergency room (calling 9-1-1)-especially to a stroke center, could mean the difference in life or death. Getting to a hospital quickly could mean fewer lasting problems from a stroke.
And O’Neal says it’s important to remember even though hospitals have seen increased numbers of people seeking care during the COVID-19 pandemic, facilities such as TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital have been able to safely care for stroke patients along with the other patients.