Man shot in Bowling Green, no suspect

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Police are in search of a suspect involved in a shooting that occurred at University Liquors on Adams Street.

Officials say the victim, Eugene Greer, and his friend were walking out of the store when Greer says he heard gunshots and felt one strike him in the leg.

EMS responded to the scene and took Greer to the Bowling Green Medical Center.

Greer told police he did not see anyone and did not know who shot him, according to the report.

The manager of the store provided police with surveillance video where officials saw a male hidden behind an ice machine in a black sweatshirt and an aviator snow hat stand up and began shooting at Greer and his friend according to the report.

Police do not have a suspect.

If you know anything information about the shooting that may help identify the suspect, contact the Bowling Green Police Department immediately.