Man charged in murder-for-hire plan out of jail on $100,000 bond

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – More details are now available regarding an investigation of a man who authorities say had allegedly planned to hire someone to murder his wife.

According to a uniform citation, the Warren County Sheriff’s Office received information from a confidential informant about being approached by Jeffery Young, 51, of Bowling Green, who authorities say was asking the confidential informant to murder Young’s wife for an amount of money.

In addition, the citation stated the confidential informant provided detectives with two audio recordings of conversations with Young from Sept. 6 and 12.

The citation additionally stated Young stated in one recording he needed time to attempt to make it look like he was in a happy relationship with his wife to avoid suspicion.

The recording taken on Sept. 6 included Young stating “he had some ideas” about how the murder could happen, according to the citation.

One of these ideas included taking Young’s wife to a “trashy” bar, getting her drunk and someone could begin an altercation with her, stated the citation. The citation further stated Young said in the recording they could then shoot his wife and leave.

Young also spoke about staging a robbery where his wife works, according to the citation.

During a second audio recording from Sept. 12, Young told the informant he went to his wife’s work that past weekend to confirm there were no cameras there. Young told the confidential informant he didn’t have money on him that day but could get some the same day or the day after, stated the citation.

The citation further stated the informant said Young had been giving them money to fix the car they would use to get away after the murder was done. Young allegedly paid the confidential informant $400 for new tires but promised to give additional money to fix the windshield, according to the citation.

The confidential informant told authorities they were confident Young wants his wife dead, not only injured or scared, stated the citation.

Officials arrested Young on Sept. 13 and brought him to the Warren County Detention Center. Young has been charged with solicitation to murder. He is now out of jail as of Sept. 14 on a $100,000 bond.