Lost River Elementary students learn STEM using Legos

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Students at Lost River Elementary are learning through play- using Legos!

Once a week for the next five weeks, 3rd and 6th grade students will have a Lego education session. 

Today, students in this 3rd grade class were building race cars. This helps them apply a lesson they’ve already learned about different forces, like friction and mass. 

While it’s stuff that captures the student’s interest and attention, they’re also promoting STEM learning. 

“We like to be creative and create things. And we like to just hang out and build and stuff. When I’m older I would like to be an architect. I’m really interested in building and creating things,” said 3rd grade student Peyton Church. 

Upcoming sessions include building a basketball goal and making the ball go through the hoop, using creativity in track and field, and creating a sailboat that withstands wind.