Lost River Cave’s 9th Annual Scarecrow Trail opens

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Lost River Cave’s 9th Annual Scarecrow Trail is here and it’s free to walk if you dare.

Businesses, organizations and families from the Bowling Green community created scarecrows that represent themselves and share their message. 

“They have built some really cool scarecrows. Some are spooky. Some are funny. Some are creative. And essentially we have just under two miles worth of trails and they are all loaded up with some fun scarecrows,” said Lost River Cave’s Event Sales Manager Maegan Williams. 

This year there are 60 different scarecrows. The public got their first look at them Friday, and they’ve had a great response already. 

“First day, we’ve had quite a bit of families taking a look at them and so it’s been a lot of fun. It’s awesome that we can kind of partner with these organizations and families. They build the crows and their entry fees help maintain the park and make this available and free to the public,” said Williams. 

Last year they had 8,000 people walk through the trail, and they expect that number to be even higher this year because of the pandemic. 

“With COVID-19 I do think we’ll see quite a bit more. People are wanting to stretch their legs, get out of the house and this is a family friendly, COVID-friendly type event,” said Williams.

It’s a great way to enjoy nature and get outdoors with friends and family. 

“I think it’s a great activity for families to come out and do together and just get out and get some fresh air and get some steps in, and just enjoy each other’s time and company, away from the other things that are distracting them.” said Scarecrow Trail participant for the Kid Spot Center Lauren Gott. 

“It’s nice seeing the nature here, and I think it’s really cool seeing how creative the local businesses are and just the pride in the community everyone has,” said visitor Reece Clayton. 

People can also vote for their favorite scarecrow by visiting their website here.