Logan County works to upgrade animal shelter

RUSSELLVILLE, Ky. – After multiple issues at their building, staff and volunteers at a local animal shelter are hoping for a change.

The Logan County Fiscal Court has approved an architectural inspection at the Logan County Humane Society to determine what needs to be done at the location, or if the operation will need to move to a new location.

In order for this to happen, employees say they need financial help from everyone, not just fiscal court.

“They are only going to pay so much for a new facility which is all that they’re liable for. The rest of it is going to have to come from the community,” said Amanda Castile, executive director at Logan County Humane Society.

Nearly a year ago, the building in Russellville suffered an electrical fire.

The entire ceiling has been removed from the cat room for HVAC repairs.

Not only that, but the kennels are overflowing with animals.

“Our intakes are overwhelming, roughly around 1,500 over the year. Our facility is not big enough to accommodate that,” said Castile.

The area where the cats are housed does not have proper ventilation, which spreads disease between animals.

The Humane Society tries to keep dogs inside, but right now, the outdoor kennels are all occupied, which will be an issue as winter rolls in.

“Kennel cough or other common agents that cause upper right respiratory infections can spread very quickly in areas that are not ventilated properly,” said Ellie Gripshover, Veterinarian and owner at Nashville Road Animal Hospital.

“Where the dog area is, the concrete is not sealed. It’s roughed up. There’s exposed wood. We cannot properly sanitize those areas at this time,” said Castile.

Logan County Humane Society is also in desperate need of donations of detergent, litter, food and volunteers to walk the dogs and play with the cats.