Locals go “Over the Edge’ to support the Barren River Child Advocacy Center

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The fifth annual Over the Edge for Child Advocacy took place this past weekend!

The Barren River Child Advocacy Center asked locals to be brave and step over the edge to repel down five stories in order to raise money for the Child Advocacy Center.

The advocacy center said over 100 people went over the edge Saturday, raising at least $1,000 as part of that support. This included one of our own, Darius Mack!

“When I had to, you know, stand back and lean back, you know, with my arms open and the edge of the building – that’s when I realized, yeah this is kind of nerve wracking. But the adrenaline’s there. But when you go down, it’s smooth, it’s easy. And, you know, it was fun,” said Mack.

Some of the groups that joined the event included the Pouncing Panthers with Potter Gray Elementary, who do jump roping, kids from South Warren who sang the National Anthem and the National Guard, who set up an inflatable for the kids.

Presenting sponsors included Med Center Health and ELPO Law, and a match from Kirkpatrick Price helped send the funds over the $125,000 goal.

The Child Advocacy Center provides a safe place for children to come and tell their story. The goal of the center is to reduce trauma by providing a child-friendly place where teams and professionals come together to pursue justice and healing.