Locals enjoy livestock show at SOKY Fair

BOWLING GREEN,Ky.- All week News 40 has been covering SOKY Fair donations, the midway, and the track events. Now, we give you an inside look at the fair’s livestock shows!

On Tuesday the kids came prepared with their prize winning sheep and goats. Also on Tuesday was a real treat where folks got to see the creme de la cream of the Commonwealth’s alpacas.

On Thursday 4-H ran two livestock shows as well. They started off the morning with a youth and adult dairy show while Thursday evening kids rounded up their poultry to show them off.

News 40’s Meghann Stamps spoke to 3 different 4-H competitors right before the judging commenced, 9 year old Emma Thomas is enjoying her very first year in 4-H. Following in her two big sister’s footsteps’. She entered the goat competition on Tuesday, and Thursday she was showing off her prized chickens.

“My sisters and all my family were here. They were cheering for me and telling me what to do, because I didn’t know much, and I was kind of nervous.”

Though her age hasn’t even hit the double digits, she’s already dreaming about a future surrounded by hooves, paws and claws.

“Being an animal person, or raising animals, or being a zoo person.”

Another competitor was 13-year-old Christopher Sweets. He has been taking care of animals since he was in diapers.

“I feel close to them, because they’re all friendly to me and each other.“

He’s entered a couple of chickens and roosters into the poultry contest hoping to win.

“It’s fun to show them and for people to see what you’ve raised and done over the summer.“

Like Emma, Christopher wants his future filled with feathers.

“I’ll probably continue growing chickens and raising them.”

And 16-year-old Trinity Roach has been raising birds for half of her young life.

“After a while, I just started getting more into the breeds, and after a while I just started getting more competitive, and ever since then my passion for birds has been something that I have been really strong about, and I don’t think I’ll stop.”

She says she wants to major in animal science in her future and use her background to help out the medical community.

“I really think it would be fun to be able to research about them, kind of get a better understanding of their anatomy. Help start working on identifying diseases. Help in the veterinary field and stuff like that.

So to Emma, Trinity and Christopher good luck from your News 40 friends, both at the SOKY Fair, and in your egg-strordinary futures.