Local woman celebrates 102nd birthday!

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-One local woman never thought she would see the day-she is turning 102 years old!

“I don’t feel much different than I did at 100! I attribute it to hard work over the years, good eating and everything,” said the birthday girl, Frances Cox. 

Cox has lived in south central Kentucky her entire life. She went to South Warren High School, met her husband who was in the army during World War II, and then settled on a small farm in the Rockfield area. 

“She milked cows and did the gardens and did sewing. She’s been sewing since she was a little girl, she used to make all my clothes,” said her daughter Kathy Green.

Charter Senior Living held a special celebration to honor her birthday. Two of her three children, Green and son Ronnie Cox, were able to make it. 

“I appreciate everything everyone’s done for me. People have been really nice to me,” said Cox. 

One other special person attended the celebration. 

“I babysat him when he was a baby,” said Cox. 

“She watched me as far as I could remember and she taught me how to be the best I can be for sure and definitely to work hard,” said Joshua Stanford. 

Cox babysat for Stanford from when he was an infant until middle school. Now as an adult himself, he said he wouldn’t miss her 102nd birthday party! 

“He was a little bitty boy and I babysat him and his sister both and now he’s married and has children of his own,” said Stanford. 

She has advice to anyone else who wants to live as long as she has. 

“Work hard and eat healthy,” said Stanford.