Local school unveiling a brand new, state-of-the-art gym

GLASGOW, Ky. – Hiseville Elementary is announcing a new gym addition full of top notch equipment and cut the ribbon on the new facility.

The gym, coming from a $100,000 award from the National Foundation for Governor’s Fitness Councils program is a new and exciting way to help kids at the school to get fit and get active in a new way.

Exciting news for Hiseville Elementary Principal Sherri Alexander.

“It is just a remarkable change. The opportunities that this will provide the community and our students exceeds what we could have ever dreamed of and we are just so, so excited for the kids here at Hiseville,” said Alexander.

The new DON’T QUIT Fitness Center will allow students to work out and get fit on school property and students will be properly training to use the equipment.

“The purpose of the award is for us to be able to fight childhood obesity and involve our students, our faculty and the community eventually and give them a place that they are able to come and workout and improve their fitness as well,” said Alexander.

The goal is to have the fifth and sixth graders trained in using the equipment properly by December and the fourth graders will be taught after.

The students are looking forward to using the equipment according to Bart Hammer, the physical education teacher at Hiseville.

“Our kids actually took a tour of this the Friday before fall break and they were beyond ecstatic to get in here and see all the equipment and couldn’t’ wait to use it. They’ve asked me every day, ‘When are we going to get to use it? When are we going to get to use it?’ So, they are beyond excited and can’t wait to get going,” said Hammer.

When students return to school, they will begin using the gym for P.E. class and recess time.

At some point, the school hopes to open the gym up to parents and the community, but due to COVID, the exact timeline for that is in the works.