Local school shifts registration online as part of drastically different school year

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The classrooms may be empty but already schools have started registering students for the fall.

While school personnel still has to decide whether school playgrounds will be filled with the noises of children playing, one thing has already changed, the school registration process.
St. Joseph Parochial School principal Rodney Schwartz says registration for his school actually began in February as a face-to-face process. But, after quarantines and stay-at-home orders were issued, the process moved online, a move that has been well accepted by most faculty members and parents.
But it hasn’t come without a glitch here or there. Being online means parents must have online access, so Schwartz says the school set up tables in the lobby area so even special cases requiring in-person assistance would be as socially-distant as possible.
Still, it’s another added detail for a school year that hasn’t even started but already looks vastly different than past school years from deciding when to start classes to ensuring social distancing for the students.