Local political leaders preview 2020 presidential debate

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The first presidential debate is tonight, and it is a critically important event in this race with millions of Americans tuning in. 

“This is the first opportunity to see them on stage together, and obviously both of them will try to taut their record,” said Warren County Republican and First District Warren County Magistrate Doug Gorman. 

Both candidates will have the chance to talk about the numerous issues that are currently going on in our country, with hot topics like the social unrest, pandemic and the economy. Most recently, in the news, is Donald Trump’s taxes.

“It is part of who we are as Americans. We all pay taxes. And we all want a sense of fairness,” said Warren County Democratic Party Chair Phil Eason. 

Local politicians here in Bowling Green are weighing in with their opinions on what they think could happen tonight. 

“I think a lot of people are gonna watch to see how Biden handles 90 straight minutes of questions, he hasn’t done that. Like it or not, President Trump has spoken for sometimes two hours straight,” said Gorman.

Eason said he thinks most people already have their mind made up and that they won’t be swayed. He says what he thinks people are looking for.

“[Someone] who we can trust. I think people want to trust who’s leading and competent and has confidence and character and then ask, does this person give us a sense of hope?” said Eason. 

Both local democratic and republican leaders say that it’s important for viewers to tune in. 

“A key to democracy is being informed. You want to have informed voters no matter where you come down on the questions we are now facing,” said Eason. 

“I think all Americans should take a breath, watch and see what they think so they can exercise one of the most important freedoms that they have. And that’s the freedom to vote,” said Gorman. 

The presidential debate will take place tonight. Coverage is on WNKY40 CBS from 8 p.m. until 10 p.m.