Local political leaders and community react to presidential debate chaos

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-The first presidential debate last night was one for the books that left Americans shocked and disappointed. 

WNKY News talked to local political leaders and members of the community on their thoughts, and both parties seemed to feel exhausted after watching the two candidates continually talk over each other and hurl insults. 

“It was chaotic and messy. People are gonna make judgments. And the loser last night was the American people because we didn’t have a chance to make a judgment,” said Warren County Democratic Party Chairman Phil Eason. 

“We should be able to listen to those problems and not talk over each other as both candidates continually did so one of them might have started, I don’t know, but what I saw was just absolute chaos,” said Warren County Republican and First District Warren County Magistrate Doug Gorman. 

And people in the Bowling Green community voiced what they thought of the debate as well. 

“If you weren’t confused before you turned it on, you were confused when you turned it off,” said resident Norma Edens.  

“The point of a debate should be to inform the public. But it seemed to me like they were just trying to assault and attack each other, in a way to make the other seem bad or try to or say absurd statements that would cause a large reaction,” said WKU student and resident Marcus Negron.

“It made me realize that I’ve never been less sure. It seemed to be more or less two grown man children arguing with each other,” said resident Neil Jones. 

And this leaves questions for what the next debate will look like. 

“Wouldn’t it be interesting if two weeks from now they have a debate and the whole tenor is changed. If it is, then we know they listened to their advisors. We’ll see what happens,” said Gorman. 

“It may be time for a different format. I read something this morning that I thought was interesting- just turn their mic off when it’s not their turn,” said Eason.

That next debate is set for Oct. 15 in Miami.