Local parents react to governor’s school recommendation

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Parents in the community are conflicted between sending their children to school in person or virtually. 

On Monday, Governor Beshear recommended as both a governor and a dad that schools push back in-person instruction until Sept. 28. 

Parent Lori Aldridge is planning on sending her daughter Ashton to fourth grade in person at Plano Elementary. She says the school’s safety and health procedures made the decision easier for her. 

“I was mind blown, the reopening procedures. I mean they have gone above and beyond, Mr. Frasier and his staff have gone down to every single detail. So I was very very impressed. I was on the fence before about sending her, but not anymore. They’ve got it down perfect,” said Aldridge.

Parent Preteesh Patel said his house was divided over what to do at first, but ultimately his family decided to take the risk. 

“We feel that the risk of them contracting the virus or spreading the virus is much lower than the reward of them being able to socialize, interact and learn with their peers from their teacher,” said Patel.

With children being in school, the main concern is the spreading of the virus and working to keep everyone safe. 

But with learning at home, there are also worries of parental work schedules, designated learning spots and strong WiFi connections. 

And with virtual learning it means there won’t be any face to face social interaction for students. 

Aldridge’s daughter Ashton said that she is looking forward to seeing her friends again in the classroom setting. 

“I’m most excited to see my friends and not just like FaceTime and stuff,” said Ashton.