Local nonprofit organization tries to ease parents’ concern of finding child care

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – As employees return to work and many schools finish for the year, some parents may have problems finding child care. But one local agency is working to help.

The United Way of Southern Kentucky is working with community agencies to provide child care services.

Officials at the United Way say they spend nearly 20 hours a week making sure their information is up-to-date, since the requirements for attending day care may change quickly.

United Way of Southern Kentucky’s vice president Ellie Harbaugh says it’s a good feeling to know that the organization is helping families with questions about childcare.

You can get information by calling 2-1-1. That 2-1-1 number is not just for finding out about childcare resources. Operators staffing the call center can also help callers find out about a variety of community resources.