People react to impact of new stimulus package

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Congress has finally reached an agreement on a new $900 billion stimulus package. 

The deal includes over $284 billion in loans for businesses to pay rent and employees, federal unemployment insurance bonus of $300 per week, and stimulus checks of up to $600 per person for people who qualify. 

This is the second effort to help Americans during the pandemic. 

Allison Taylor, co-owner of Little Fox Bakery in downtown Bowling Green got a grant from the first package. 

“It gives us the peace of mind to know that we’re still gonna be able to pay our employees their full salaries and all of that good kind of stuff, and I think it’s really the little boost that we need to get back to through till things settle down a little bit,” said Taylor. 

And now says they will probably apply for this one as well.

“We would definitely rather apply for a grant than let our employees or our staff suffer or have to close up shop for a while. So whatever it’s really gonna take just to keep moving,” said Taylor. 

Local woman Jillian Jackson is a single mother who is currently unemployed. She said this is truly a godsend. 

“They could not give us anything you know. Like anything, you could give me $10 at this point and that’s a package of toilet paper and some toothpaste. So I don’t think there’s any room to complain. And I think people should just be thankful and grateful that there’s even a bill passed in general,” said Jackson.

But, some say this is insufficient to meet the needs of unemployed or struggling workers. It’s half the amount of jobless aid they got under the CARES Act. 

“It’s not enough. Too many people are lining up for food kitchens and losing their homes and losing their vehicles. Because they can’t afford anything anymore because we’ve been locked down for too long,” said Kelly Dean, who is currently unemployed.