Local health professionals urge people to wear mask after mandate extension

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- As the pandemic continues and the numbers of COVID-19 surge in Kentucky, the importance of wearing a mask has only increased. 

Governor Beshear has just extended the mask mandate for another 30 days after he said Kentucky is on pace to set another record high for weekly COVID-19 cases. 

And not only is just wearing the mask important, but it’s also important to wear it correctly, according to Melissa Allen, APRN for Infectious Disease and Travel Medicine at Med Center Health. 

“The mask should go (over) your nose and over your mouth, like this. Just the face shield alone does not protect other people and there hasn’t been a whole lot of study on the little gator things that pull up from your neck,” said Allen. 

And while it can be uncomfortable, Allen says it is worth it. While you may think you’re OK, there are people who are more vulnerable to the disease. 

“What is the cost of one life? If wearing a mask helps prevent one person from catching COVID or dying from COVID, it’s a very small price to pay,” said Allen.  

Besides wearing a mask, it’s important to remember to follow the other COVID-19 safety guidelines, according to Dr. Michael Campbell, general surgeon at Greenview Specialty Associates. 

“Let’s use the three W’s, OK. So wash your hands, that’s the first W. Watch your distance, second W. And wear your mask all right,” said Campbell.