Local girl, 11, to compete on The Food Network

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- The year of 2020 is ending on a sweet note for a local 11-year-old girl. 

Haylin Adams is competing on national television in the Food Network’s Kid’s Baking Championship. 

“They called us back and wanted to do a Skype interview with us and then I did that and then next thing I know I’m in California,” said Haylin Adams. 

Adams takes the stage to compete against 11 other children ages 10 to 13. The kids battle against each other in different baking challenges from decorating cheesecakes to having the best frosting brush stroke and even making a cake about a dog’s life. 

“They would give us a topic or a dessert we had to make and we’d all take it and put our spin on it and make it our own and then they’d judge it. And the one that they’d like the best would be the winner of the day and the one they’d like the least would go home,” said Haylin. 

And for the first time ever, the kid’s parents are watching from behind the scenes. A special moment for Haylin’s mom, Amanda, who says her daughter has far surpassed her own baking skills.

“Since she was little she watched these shows, I mean she’s still little, but really little she watched these shows and had the dream to be on something like that. But we never really thought it would be a reality,” said Amanda. 

And they didn’t just make food. They made lasting friendships throughout the way. 

“It was really neat because we all got super close. The relationships that the parents formed and the kids too. They became super close and we became super close. It was really a neat experience,” said Amanda. 

The season premiere of the 10-week show is on Monday, Dec. 28. 

Haylin said she has been baking since the age of 3, and hopes one day to open up her own baking shop.