Local experts warn about heat safety for humans and pets

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – If you so much as opened a window Thursday, you are probably already aware of how hot it was outside.

In fact, Thursday was one of the hottest days of the year so far reaching the mid 90’s with a heat index over 100 degrees.

With those kinds of temperatures, the heat can actually be incredibly dangerous.

Jim Williams with the Medical Center Emergency Medical Services gave some tips on how to stay cool and safe in this heat.

Williams recommends consistently sipping water or a drink with electrolytes throughout the day and taking breaks from the heat to cool down.

“We’ll be working outside maybe working in the yard or doing something in the garden and you’re doing so much stuff and you just want to get that job done and you don’t realize how much is being snapped out of you. So try to break your work that’s out doors into intervals so that you can take plenty of rest breaks in between and also get some fluids replaced,” said Williams.

One major warning signs of heat stroke, a dangerous condition that needs medical treatment and immediate cooling, is unconsciousness or confusion.

If you or someone around you shows these signs, spray them down with water, use a wet rag on their skin, get them into air conditioning and have them drink cool water.

The danger does not stop at just humans, your furry friends need your protection in this heat.

Roger Thomas, a local veterinarian, has treated several pets with burns on their paw pads.

He says while dogs pads can handle more heat from the hot pavement than a humans foot, the pad has a heat limit too and the heat we have been seeing takes mere seconds to cause an injury to your pet.

Thomas says dogs do not realize what is causing their pain and may not remove themselves from the hot pavement before its too late.

Make sure your pets have plenty of cool water when outside and do not let them stay outside without shade for prolonged periods of time.