Local couple has gender reveal by airplane

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- A Bowling Green couple found  a creative way to celebrate a gender reveal in a very social distancing fashion.

The couple, Brittany and Jesse Roberston, threw a gender reveal by airplane with the help of a local pilot.

“I think it gives joy to everybody. And also we could do this and be safe at the same time, everyone’s social distancing but we’re able to enjoy this all together,” said Brittany Roberston.

The aircraft released a non-toxic colored powder as it flew over a field in Bowling Green. Close family and friends of the Robertson’s watched from below on the sidewalk or their cars.

The powder was the color blue. They’re having a boy.

This was not only is this an epic way to commemorate a baby on the way but also it is sentimental to the family.

Robertson’s father was in the Air Force and passed away when he was young. Robertson calls this a tribute to his dad.

“I wanted to honor his late father, who was in the Air Force. And he was really excited about the idea, I told him ‘ya know I really would like to use an airplane.’ And we didn’t think it would ever happen. My friend spontaneously called me and she’s like `I think I have you an airplane,’” said Brittany Robertson.

The couple set up the event with the pilot through mutual friends in the community. The pilot, Tony Brown, says he has never done anything like this before, but was happy to be a part of the occasion.

“I think it was cool to have some sort of normalcy with that. And then doing it from the air, it’s pretty much as safe as you can get, social distancing wise, so we met all those safeguards. I think it was just kind of neat and special that you know you don’t see a lot,” said Brown.