Local cook appearing on national show ‘The Great American Recipe’

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-“Remember running around with ketchup and mustard and having people taste it. That’s probably how I started, that’s the origin story,” said Brian Leigh.

Ever since he was a little boy, Brian Leigh, owner of B.T. Leigh’s Sauces and Rubs has loved to cook.

And now, he’s one of ten contestants starring in The Great American Recipe on PBS.

The eight-part show highlights family traditions, heritages and influences pulled in from different parts of the country that make American cuisine so great.

Leigh comes from a Hungarian and German background, and incorporates that into his cooking. His childhood had a huge influence on the cook he is today.

“I got into cooking through my family. We are a family of farmers and culinary minded individuals. Everything was from scratch growing up,” said Leigh.

And for News 40, he whipped up a dish of white cheddar grits with barbeque pork medallion.

The show premieres on June 24th. They’ll have a watch party at the SoKY Marketplace for the community to come out and support.

“It’s gonna get a bunch of worldwide eyes on us. You know we’ve been at this for four years and we have a really loyal following but definitely not at this stage where all these people are hopefully gonna be checking us out,” said Jenny Mann, Arts and Marketing Director for B.T. Leigh’s Sauces and Rubs.

He couldn’t tell us how he placed in the competition just yet…we’ll have to tune in then.