Local citizens disappointed in country after chaos at Capitol

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- On Wednesday afternoon, chaos erupted at the Capitol like we’ve never seen before.

Local residents talked about what they  thought of the events that unfolded. 

“It was shocking. Like I, it’s just ridiculous. I mean what do you expect is gonna happen when you gaslight a bunch of people, that’s the natural outcome. They fed them lies and took their own political agenda, and that’s what happens,” said local Stephen Thompson. 

“I thought it was crazy. I mean I get if you’re upset, but that’s not the way to do it or handle it,” said Maya Holderman. 

Many drew the comparison of the law enforcement response Wednesday with the law enforcement response during the Black Lives Matter protests.

“It would’ve been a totally different thing if it would’ve been a Black protest, as we’ve seen before, the National Guard would’ve been there in full force. And yesterday they were nowhere to be found. I’m not prejudiced in any way, but right is right. And if we would’ve stormed the Capitol, like they stormed the Capitol, it would’ve been more than four dead bodies,” said local Tony Page. 

And many said they are embarrassed of America after the attacks and that nothing like this should have ever happened. 

“It’s shameful. Overall, you know we’re better than this,” said Thompson. 

“I’m ashamed of my country right now,” said Page.