Leadership Bowling Green hears from Mayor and Judge Executive for Government Day

BOWLING GREEN Ky.- Bowling Green Mayor Bruce Wilkerson and Warren County Judge Executive Mike Buchanon came together Wednesday for a special initiative.

The topic was what those in city and county government do.

At the Warren County Courthouse, the two spoke to the Leadership Bowling Green group on a number of topics, including what a typical day looks like in these elected positions and why they’re glad to be serving the community.

The people listening were selected from a list of applicants who have shown an interest in the community through various forms of community service.

Wilkerson said he’s glad to have shared his experiences with those in the community.

“It’s always been interesting to see people’s eyes light up when you tell them exactly what you do from the city of Bowling Green’s standpoint. Many times, people have a misconception of what we do or want we don’t do. It’s fun to watch that play out,” Wilkerson said.

Leadership Bowling Green members go through nine sessions, discussing the community’s strengths and challenges. The goal is to gain knowledge about Bowling Green through lectures, tours, discussions and role-playing activities.