KSP Joins week long ‘Move Over’ campaign

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Kentucky State Police have joined five other states to take part in the #MoveOver campaign running through the week. 

The KSP and the other state organizations will spend the entire week using their social media to teach about and stress the importance of the move over law. 

The effort will include the Kentucky State Police, Indiana State Police, Ohio State Highway Patrol, Pennsylvania State Police, Michigan State Police and West Virginia State Police. 

Kentucky incorporated the move over law in 2003. The law states that drivers must attempt to switch lanes to make room for a stopped emergency vehicle on the road. And if that’s not safely possible, then they must slow down and pass with extreme caution. 

KSP will post pictures of troopers and their families to show citizens that they have special people that they want to make it home to. They will also post about incidents in the past where if the move over law were followed, accidents could have been prevented. 

Trooper Daniel Priddy says that though the move over law has been around in Kentucky for almost two decades, many people still do not know about it. 

“We want to go home to our families just like everybody else does. The interstates, parkways, it’s a dangerous place. Not just for us, but for anybody that we’re on the side of the road with. So, we want to make sure that we can make this as safe as possible to do our jobs on the side of the road and also to help anybody in the commonwealth who needs assistance on our interstate.”

People can visit the Kentucky State Police Facebook page to see their posts about the law through the week.