Kids check out indoor slide, Lego bulldog at Rich Pond’s first day of school

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- The first day of school is looking a little bit different for Rich Pond Elementary students this year…

They’re in a brand new building! 

“It’s kinda like man this is real. It became a reality that we’re in our new building and to see the excitement on the kids face’s it was just a good morning,” said principal Derick Marr. 

Rich Pond has 870 students enrolled this year, up from 776 students last year. The explosive growth in the area is one reason for the new two story building… and the anticipation for the start of the new school year has been building!

“I feel excited,” said one student. 

“It’s fun and you learn,” said another.

“You make new friends,” said one more student. 

The building boasts new features… like floor to ceiling windows, a bulldog, the school’s mascot, made out of legos… and an indoor slide that was a preferred method of travel in between classes.

Other kids’ favorite part of the new building is the playground! They haven’t had a playground in two years. 

“The swings. You get to go so high you don’t even know that you’re swinging,” said 2nd grader Hunter Jones. 

Even with the changes, Rich Pond is still filled with tradition. The hardwood floors from the old building lay underneath the bulldog and pictures of the original 1907 school are proudly displayed through the hallways.

“We’ve gotten a lot of good comments that they’ve really appreciated how we tried to incorporate the features and traditions of the old building and brought them into the new with just a face lift,” said Marr.