Kidnapped children reportedly spotted in Michigan, police say Amber Alert coming soon

BEAVER DAM, Ky. – New information revealed about missing three-year-old Noah Clare and 16-year-old Amber Clare who were last seen more than a week ago in Beaver Dam.

Beaver Dam police say Jake Clare kidnapped his son and niece on November 7th. Both children are considered endangered, and the families are fighting hard to get Amber Alerts out. 

 Now the Michigan State Police say the children might be in the northern part of the state. 

Amber’s uncle, James Hock, said he has strong reason to believe that Jake’s family members in Michigan are helping him stay hidden. 

If there’s any family members that are helping Jake like we believe they are, then I would ask that they put everything aside and think about the health and safety of the two kids that are with them,” said Hock. “Living a life on the run is not a life for any child.”

Beaver Dam Police Chief Mike Allen said to News 40 Monday afternoon that authorities were currently working on releasing a kidnapping warrant which would issue an Amber Alert. 

Beaver Dam Police said it’s been difficult to issue an Amber Alert because of insufficient evidence to prove that Amber Clare did not go with her uncle willingly. 

Hock said, “Her relationship with Jake…you can tell he’s really put some time and effort into making sure he can get inside of her head and coerce and manipulate her.”

Amber’s family found a disturbing letter signed from her on November 5th. Parts of it read, “If you ever get lonely and miss me just look at the stars. I’ll always be looking back,” and, “I know this is gonna be really hard for you, but if it makes it easier make me a grave.”

Hock said the letter sounds like Jake talking. 

“A lot of that same wording and just how it’s worded comes out in her letters to her family,” said Hock. “So right now we have a lot of reason to believe that either Jake wrote those letters or Jake basically guided her in writing those letters. If I could say anything to Amber, it’s that you’re the key to all this. You’re the key to getting Noah back safely.”

Police said Jacob Clare was last seen driving a silver Subaru Outback with Tennessee plates and several bumper stickers. Hock is asking anyone who has any information to message the family or police directly.