Kid hopes grandpa is watching him on the news: their heartfelt story

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-You might remember this charismatic boy from Rich Pond Elementary’s first day of school. 

“I will say my grandpa always watches the news on the TV, so I’m just gonna say hi grandpa,” said 2nd grader Hunter Jones. 

Hunter was so happy to be on the news, we had to follow up with him and see if his grandpa caught his shining moment on TV. 

“I called nanny one day and she said I saw you on the news on TV and I was like you did, what was your reaction and she said you done a great job,” said Hunter. 

Hunter says his papaw watches the news every morning and night, sometimes even the afternoon…they love to watch the news together. 

“He’s a loveable child and he will help you do anything at any time. cuz if you’re doing anything, he’ll be beside you helping you,” said Hunter’s grandpa Harvey Higginbotham. 

Hunter also likes to help his papaw with ‘big kid stuff’. 

“When he’s up at the house we’re always doing something. If I’m out in the yard doing anything out there, he’s always with me. Because he’s the big helper,” said Harvey. 

Hunter says he loves helping his grandpa with any task around the house! Especially as he gets older. 

“He can’t get around much so if he needs something he’ll always call me and see if I can do it,” said Hunter. 

As for what Hunter wants to be when he gets older? His can-do attitude and desire to help others speaks for itself.

“I wanna be a coworker. That means you help everybody and you do great stuff,” said Hunter.