Kentucky Secretary of State urges people to vote early

BARREN CO., Ky.- The Glasgow Barren County Chamber of Commerce held a Zoom meeting today featuring Kentucky Secretary of State Michael G. Adams. 

Adams discussed how voting procedures in Kentucky have changed for the 2020 general election. Adams said some changes include finding more poll workers, increasing locations to avoid lines, and encouraging people to vote early if they know who they are voting for already. 

He said Kentucky is usually one of the first states to know their results because most people vote in person. He said if you are voting by absentee, make sure to send it in early. 

“This is for you. This is to make sure your ballot gets counted. And that others who control it don’t ultimately lose your ballot or delay it or don’t postmark it. Don’t leave this to third parties. Better yet bring it to the dropbox, that way you know it’s been received by the county clerk,” said Adams.

This Friday, October 9th, is the last day to request an absentee ballot and October 13th is the first day you can vote in person.