Kentucky Grand Hotel wants you to join their new members club

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Kentucky Grand Hotel and Spa is happy to announce its new, members club. 

The club only opened last week, and people in Bowling Green are already excited for the new club perks. 

Located on the fourth floor of the hotel, members can use the club for parties, lunches, business meetings and more. 

Members can use the exclusive fourth floor along with the member venues on the second floor. Members in the fourth floor private lounge, bar and dining room can enjoy a view overlooking Circus Square Park. 

Full membership pricing and perks are listed on the Kentucky Grand Hotel website, for people interested in the new club.  

Hotel owner Dan Murph said the renovations began during Covid after listening to the community members say for year how the hotel would be a perfect place for a club like this. 

“It’s always exciting to see how the Hotel has grown over the years,” said Murph. “It’s not exactly how it started, and it probably won’t be exactly how it is now in 10 years from now.”

According to the Kentucky Grand Club website, memberships are on sale right now, so this would be the perfect time to join if you’re interested in all the new features.