Kentucky Fish and Wildlife biologists believe reports of feral pigs really a loose pot-bellied pig

BROWNSVILLE, Ky. – After investigating recent reports of a wild pig in Edmonson County, Kentucky Fish and Wildlife biologists believe the animal in the pictures released to be a loose pot-bellied pig.

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife official Terri Brunjes is reassuring the public that the county does not currently have a population of wild pigs.

Pot-bellied pigs and wild pigs are all the same species and can interbreed and become a nuisance if left alone in the wild.

Once they reproduce, wild pigs outcompete native wildlife for food and displace deer and turkey.

They destroy crops and harbor various diseases transmissible to livestock, pets, and even humans.

Pigs live in groups called “sounders” and can reproduce at just six months of age having two litters per year.

Due to wild pigs’ high reproductive rate and intelligence, hunting pressure causes them to become nocturnal or to move to another area.

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife officials ask the public to report wild pigs. Don’t shoot them.

Shooting into a group scatters the animals, making them very difficult to find again.

Officials say, by the time they are found, their numbers have doubled or even tripled.